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O Belo Rio Teles Pires 
(The Beautiful Teles Pires River)

Mato Grosso - 2014

Fotos por Paula Sharp & Alysson Almeida Duleba

       This photography project was commissioned by the Fisherman's Union of the Teles Pires River, as part of a symposium on the destruction of the river.   The Teles Pires is one of the three great rivers of Mato Grosso.  During the presidency of Dilma Rousseff, private corporations have constructed hydroelectric dams along Amazonian rivers, spurring complaints from environmentalists, fishermen and farmers, ranchers and indigenous tribes whose lands will be flooded as a result of the dams. The dams will submerge vast tracts of the Amazonian rainforest, wiping out threatened species, violating treaties with Brazilian indians, displacing land owners and devastating river life.  Despite protests decrying mistreatment of dam workers, misappropriation of land and decimation of Brazil's rainforests, the dams continue to go up.  Relying on tactics that include physical intimidation of local residents and capitalizing on the corruption of local politicians, the erection of four hydroelectric dams along the Teles Pires is  progressing at a rapid pace. 


© 2014 Paula Sharp
© 2014 Alysson Almeida Duleba

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