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         Paula Sharp is a writer and photojournalist.   


         Sharp is a co-founder with photographer Ross Eatman of Sharp-Eatman Nature Photography, a photographic society dedicated to documenting conservation issues.  Their most recent project, Wild Bees of New York, is currently on a national tour.


           To send a message to Paula Sharp, type your  name, email address and message in the spaces above.  Then click send.     Para comunicar com Paula Sharp, escreva seu nome, seu endereco de email e sua mensagem nos espaços acima e clique send (enviar).


         All photographs in this website are copyright 2014 Paula Sharp, all rights reserved.   For information regarding use of photos, see the permissions page.


Brick Factory under Moonlight
Sinop, Mato Grosso

All photographs on this website are Copyright 2014-2022 Paula Sharp.
All rights reserved.  Images protected by registered copyright.

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