Paula Sharp is a writer and photojournalist.   Her work has led her to travel extensively throughout the United States and Brazil.  She is currently engaged in a photojournalism project about the Mato Grosso Amazon.

     Sharp is a co-founder with photographer Ross Eatman of Sharp-Eatman Nature Photography, a photographic society dedicated to documenting conservation issues.  Their most recent project, Wild Bees of New York, is currently on a national tour.


         Sharp's published novels and short fiction include the national bestseller, Crows over a Wheatfield (Hyperion) and New York Times Notable Books, The Imposter (Harper & Row); I Loved You All (Hyperion);  Lost in Jersey City (HarperCollins) and The Woman Who Was Not All There (Harper & Row).  She has taught creative writing at Bryn Mawr, Yale and Wesleyan University.      

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Brick Factory under Moonlight
Sinop, Mato Grosso

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